Business Matching Session #1 – FarEasTone

Business Matching Session #1 – FarEasTone

​StarFab arranged for 14 startups to meet with senior management from 5 FarEasTone Business Units on April 12th. Each startup met with senior FarEasTone


2017 China Fortune Creation Initiation Ceremony

​StarFab founder Amanda Liu was invited to speak at the “2017 China Fortune Creation Initiation Ceremony” on April 1st in Chengdu

5th CIAT Incubation Program Kick Off

The 5th CIAT Incubation program kicked off officially on March 14th! Corporate mentors participating in the program this year unveiled the types of……

Corporate innovation accelerators are reshaping the Taiwan startup scene

Meet Taipei 2017 on how the recent help from the ‘big guns’ has the Taiwan startup ecosystem poised to skyrocket.​

5th Annual CIAT Incubation Program Now Officially Accepting Applications!

The CIAT Incubation Program is the largest corporate mentor driven incubation program in Taiwan, with 9 corporations participating this year.

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